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<-Okada Daiichi and Zenobia timeline (edit)
Type 1950s
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
4.5×6 folder viewfinder Zenobia P Zenobia M
Zenobia C
rebadged versions: Union Semi Walcon Semi
Zenobia H
uncoupled rangefinder Zenobia R
coupled rangefinder Super Zenobia SR-I Super Zenobia SR
6×6 TLR knob advance Zenobiaflex Zenobiaflex II Zenobiaflex F-II
crank advance Zenobiaflex
35mm rangefinder f/2.8 Zenobia 35 Zenobia 35
f/2 Zenobia 35 F2
Leica copy Ichicon-35
Company: Daiichi Kōgaku ... Zenobia Kōgaku
Cameras whose actual existence is dubious are in a lighter shade.
Cameras in yellow are variants sold and maybe assembled by other companies.