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The Tekinha and Tekinha II are simple plastic-bodied cameras for 126 film, made by Frata of Saõ Paolo, Brazil, which currently produces air signalling lamps. This company is apparently not related to the Frata Industrial S.A. of Manaus, which made the Neiko; the Tekinha seems earlier. Frata's own brochures for the Tekinha cameras provide almost no information beyond that they use 126 film;[1] Mischa Koning, however, states that they are minimal; the film cartridge clips to the back of a camera body, which has no back of its own. Thus the camera comprises a lens and shutter, a winding knob and a simple plastic frame-finder. The Tekinha II has a socket for a flashcube on the side.

The simplicity of the cameras is odd, since Frata's 'museum' web-pages show a range of more sophisticated equipment, including a rechargeable flash-battery, camera-mounted and studio flashes, a flash meter and a stroboscope.[2] Perhaps the cameras were publicity giveaway items.


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