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The Taschen-Clack is a folding camera for roll film and plates, made in several sizes by the German company Rietzschel. McKeown[1] lists three models from 1924:

  • 6×6 cm on film (or 4.5×6 cm plates), as illustrated here;
  • 6×9 cm on film or plate;
  • 8×10.5 cm on film (or 9×12 cm plates).

There were also earlier cameras of this name: McKeown lists one from 1905, in the largest of these sizes.

Like most folding cameras, the Taschen-Clack was available with a range of lenses, all Rietzschel's own: these included the Trilinear (a simple triplet, in f/7.5, f/6.3 or f/4.5), or the Tessar-type Solinear f/4.5 or double-anastigmat Linear f/4.5. The shutter is an Ibsor, Pronto or Compur.

The small model illustrated has rack-and-pinion focusing. The larger models were available with either this or radial lever focusing.

Taschen-Clack 6×6cm

Taschen-Clack 6×9cm


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