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The Goerz Taro Tenax was a folding bed plate camera, a solid but simplified version of the costlier folding Tenax models. Goerz made the more common 9×12 cm model in several versions; as well as models for other plate sizes up to 13×18 cm[1].

The Taro Tenax was made of aluminium and other metals, coated with leather and equipped with leather bellows. It had a reflecting type finder with spirit level. The shutter was a Compound with speed 1 to 1/250 sec., or an Ibso with speeds 1 to 1/100 sec. Lens equipment was a Goerz Tenastigmat 1:6,8 f=130mm, a Goerz Tenastigmat 1:6,8 f=150mm or Goerz Dagor 1:6,8 150mm. Model II was available with Goerz Tenastigmat 1:6,8 f=150mm or Goerz Dagor 1:6,8 130mm. Its bellows could be extended to double length.


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