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Richard Hummel interprets the sources of his brochure as if it was sure that Ihagee's Kine Exakta was the earliest 35mm SLR model. But according to the same sources the prototyping phase ot the Exakta took place in the second half of 1935. That's the time when the GOMZ engineers must have begun their prototyping too. But they needed much more time. Concerning the prototyping phase we only can guess that the German engineers might have finished their first working prototype earlier, but it can't be said for sure. The best answer to this overestimated open question of camera history should be to say that two approaches towards better 35mm photography using SLR camera designs were made at the same time at different places, in Dresden and in Leningrad**. Alike the different approaches of the two car inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz in 1886.

U. kulick, 24.11.2006

(** What would be politically correct? 1935, Germany was under self-chosen Nazi dictatorship, and the Soviet Union on a totalitarian forced march towards industrialization. Better to give Ihagee and GOMZ half of the honor each than to decide the question driven by national pride since the times were (especially politically) no reason for historical pride)