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balmy naming

We now read: "There was a name variant called Balm Six Model I (or Model-1?), same as the Sisley Model-1, but with a lens named Balm Anastigmat."

Where does this info come from? Unless I've misread something, the new link mentions バルマ (baruma) in one place and パルマ (paruma) in another; presumably one of these is a typo but neither looks much like "Balm" (which might be バルム barumu, though of course it could be something else). The page doesn't seem to mention the lens.

NB I don't say that the new addition is misinformation; I'm just wondering about it.

Whatever this camera is called, my uninformed guess is that it (or much of it) was manufactured by Takane for some other company: cf the Mihama Six or (yet to be written up) Aires Viceroy. Uninformed guesses can often be wrong, of course. -- Hoary 22:49, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

If you enlarge the picture displayed in the page, you can clearly see the first letter "B", and "Balm" is plausible. McKeown's book lists the "Balm Six Model-1" under Takane (with a Balm Anastigmat 75/3.5 lens and a NKS B-1-200 shutter), and it shows a picture where you can read "Balm Six" on the top plate. I am certain about the name, and the バルア and パルマ transcriptions in the AJCC page are mistakes.
Other info confirmed by McKeown's pictures: the Sisley 2A has a Deep-C Anastigmat 75/3.5 and a Copal B-1-300, the Sisley 3A has a Deep-C Anastigmat 75/3.5 and a Copal MX B-1-300. --Rebollo fr 05:49, 15 May 2006 (EDT)