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Splitting this page in four?

I think that I will split this page into four separate articles: Semi Minolta I and II, Auto Semi Minolta, Semi Minolta III, Semi Minolta P because 1- it is becoming too long and 2- nearly all the resulting articles would be illustrated. Any opinion? --Rebollo fr 12:37, 12 November 2006 (EST)

U. Kulick, 13 November 2006: Hello Rebollo, I think you should let the article as long as it is. It was already in discussion whether articles should cover a whole camera series or just a single model. Germans would say: That's a dispute about the Kaiser's beard. Look into our To-Do-List, I've listed a camera which is worth to write about next because it is traded at high prices, people want to know about that treasure: The Voigtländer Bergheil. Isn't that a new topic for you? Best regards, Uwe

I will leave it as is for the moment until I have pictures for the Semi P. I have still much material to put in this article and I think I will have to split later. For example the number of footnotes is becoming unreasonable. Moreover in my opinion the Auto Semi and Semi P are completely different cameras.
About the Bergheil, sure it would be interesting but I have access to almost no document (except Afalter's book with a couple of pictures) and unfortunately I don't read German so I would be unable to understand the original sources even if I found some.
Regards, Rebollo fr 18:35, 13 November 2006 (EST)

Identification flowchart

I would like to add an identification flowchart, inspired from the work of GitzoCollector. I will surely need to spend some time to make it work, and I will make my first attempt below, to avoid ruining the page. I started with a copy of GitzoCollector's flowchart for the Mamiya Six.

Answer to the following questions to find your variant of the Semi Minolta
1. Is there a shutter release on the main body?