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If you can't find the stainless steel roller assembly to swap into a Big Shot, try checking the local second thrift stores for Polaroid Colorpack series consumer cameras to pillage for one. Even the Colorpack model that used the short lived Type 88 pack film, often has the stainless steel roller assembly. This is about the only thing you can change on the camera, because of it's simplicity. I have even tried to get a repair manual from Polaroid several year ago, to see if there was an easy way to fixed the rangefinder, when it was bad. I've looked at electronic flash units which might replace the X-Cubes, if they become unavailable, but it seems, they are still in good supply in the U.S. . It's very hard to improve on a good design, except maybe if it could take medium format rollfilm instead. So much enjoyment for $19.95 !

Added by Offload on Oct. 11, 2009.