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Have pasted the cut text here…it needs editing to provide streamlining remove first person language --Heritagefutures (talk) 08:47, 25 December 2013 (PST)

Eastwestphoto Dec. 25, 2013 Notes: My example of the Please SIX camera has a NKS B,1~200th shutter with self timer. The lens is a Red C Seriter Anastigmat 75mm F:3.5 No. 2793,FUJI is stamped on both sides of the struts. There is a RED filter warning flag system tied to the advance film knob. Please logo is three interconnected circles. The bottom base plate has a big O,L knob that removes the entire back with a pressure plate of the mamiya Six design inside. Certainly this camera was to look somewhat like the Mamiya Six. The weight of this camera is 25oz. and its construction techniques are very primitive under the top deck cover. The shutter appears to be a WW2type design, chrome and black ring cover. Here’s the weird part, the aperture scale is in old metric 3.5,4.5,6.3,9,12.5,18,25. A coated post war lens, on a wartime shutter in metric, this is one unusual camera. I suspect it was Pre production model submitted to and REJECTED by the C.P.O. office after the war. It's possible that since the camera bears similar parts as the Atom Six by Tosei Koki of 1951 they possibly could of made this model? One thing is for sure, its a cheaply made camera of left over parts and VERY Rare!