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Is the image captioned as "1938 model" correct - or is the Photax III date wrong? It looks early from the shutter control. McKeown (12th ed, p.688) lists Photax III (listed here as 1947) as the first with the long shutter-release, providing a cable-release socket. However, McKeown is a bit sketchy here, not listing any dates for the individual models - so this may be the fault.

I've dated my image based on the 1947 Photax III lens & shutter detail listed here.

--Awcam, 02:02 BST, 7 July 2008


It seems OK, but I think this is not a "blindé".


Merci bien Sylvain. - Awcam

Je ne savais pas comment l'expliquer en anglais, mais je vois qu'on peut se comprendre. Ce qui me fait dire que ce n'est pas un blindé, c'est la forme des canelures autour de l'objectif. Leur forme conique ne permet pas de faire tenir le bouchon.