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Questions about the camera

I'm delighted to see that this article is growing. However:

  • The description of frame spacing suggests that you'll get fewer frames on a roll than is normal. Any well-informed comments on this?
  • Which 39mm screw lenses can't be mounted?
  • I thought I'd read that the finder of the Leningrad was fragile. Is my memory wrong?
  • The way the article now ends hints that the Leningrad is a bit of a rarity. My own impression is that they're pretty numerous (although of course much less so than a FED 2, Zorki 4 or whatever). Indeed, I'd guess that I'd have a good chance of being able to buy one on any given day -- something I couldn't say of for example the Iskra 2.

-- Hoary 21:08, 11 May 2007 (EDT)

The frame spacing issue might well cost you a frame of film, but no more. It's difficult to be absolutely precise about this as I've often shot 37 frames on a 36 roll. It depends how good your loading technique is!

I'll get back to you about which M39 lenses will fit. I have a list somewhere.

I haven't found the finder fragile, mine has been working just fine for the year I've had the camera.

The production number of 70,000 is small by Russian standards but I wouldn't say the Leningrad is rare, there are usually a few on eBay. I imagine that many of them are in collections, unused, because of the frame-spacing issue.