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Hello All, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Igor and I enjoy collecting vintage photo gear. If it has a connection to making an image, I'm interested. Not long ago I found a Press Minolta kit on on that unmentionable venue, and was the lucky winner. Never handled one, and was surprised at how well made these are. Some of the leather covering is missing, however, the remainder of the camera looks to have seen very little use. This one came with three plate holders, film pack holder, original ground glass back and the original flash that attaches to the camera. This may have been the first camera with a hot shoe attachment. Can someone point me to the type of batteries that would make this beauty work? Will be very grateful. Igor.

Congratulations for this very rare find. I don't know what are the correct batteries, only that they were 3V each. I have no idea of the battery sizes existing in Japan at the time. I would add a word of caution about using this old flash unit: it may be wise to have it checked first, for the condition of the capacitor and for potential current leaks. You may also check the condition of the camera's synch circuit too.
Finally, I would be much interested to see pictures of the outfit with the flashgun, and to display them in this article if you want.
Best regards, --rebollo_fr 11:59, 19 May 2009 (EDT)