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The Suprema is a horizontal folding camera made in 1938-9 by Kodak in Germany, for 2½-inch square exposures on 620 film.[1] It has an uncoated 8 cm f/3.5 Schneider Xenar, and a Compur-Rapid shutter with speeds 1 - 1/400 second plus 'B', with a linkage to a release button on the top plate. There are also threaded sockets for a cable release both on the top plate and on the shutter itself. The shutter is cocked manually. The camera has a simple reverse-Galilean viewfinder. Film is advanced with a simple knurled knob on the right of the top plate. There is a red window, with a sliding cover, on the back; there is also a frame counter on the top (so it seems probable that the red window is used only to set a new roll of film to frame 1). There is a depth of field calculator on the other end of the top plate.

McKeown states that less than 1800 copies of the camera were made.[1]


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  • Suprema serial no. 210986K, sold (for €720) at the 20th Westlicht Photographica Auction, on 1 November 2011. This example has a black top plate; the listing states that this is rare, and the example pictured in McKeown has a chrome top.