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The Steinette is a 35mm viewfinder camera produced by the German company Steiner in Bayreuth, Germany. It was the only camera they produced.

It was introduced during the Photokina 1956 in Cologne, Germany.
Production of the Steinette ended in 1958 when the production tools were sold to Nedinsco in Venlo, The Netherlands. Nedinsco used these tools to produce their Primo.

Exact production numbers are not known but author Bernd Arnal is of the opinion that it must have been more then 10.000.

Many of its internal parts are the same as those of the Gerlach Ideal Color 35 which might be explained by the fact that the same camera designer, Willy Uhrig, was involved.

The Steinette is equipped with a Steiner-Bayreuth 1:3.5/45mm lens. A triplet.
The leaf shutter is an everset type with 3 speeds (1/25-1/100) or 4 speeds (1/25-1/200) + B with flash sync.

The film transport has no sprocket wheel so the frame spacing will increase while shooting a film roll.

Late in the production period of the Steinette a model with an uncoupled rangefinder was added which was called the Steinette RF.

The Steinette was also sold under different names :

  • Brelland (1958 - sold by Foto Brelle in Cologne)
  • Hunter 35 (sold by R. F. Hunter in Britain)
  • Tanette
  • Tornette

The Steinette RF was also sold as :


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