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The MVC-FD97 was one of the Mavica series of early digital cameras from Sony, announced at the February, 2001, PMA show alongside the MVC-FD75, MVC-FD87, and MVC-FD92, this was the most full-featured new model[1]. Sony quoted a "2.1 megapixel" sensor resolution, although its maximum image dimensions of 1200×1600 pixels actually equals 1.9 megapixels. The fixed f/2.8, 6–60 mm zoom lens has a 35mm equivalent range of 39–390mm. (The large 20x badge on the lens barrel is the zoom range using the optional "digital zoom," which degrades resolution.)

Earlier digital Mavica cameras recorded images exclusively onto 3.5" computer floppy disks; but at the FD97's full resolution, a floppy could only hold about four images[2], already a problem for its similar predecessor the FD95. Accordingly, The FD97 and FD92 also included slots which could directly accept Memory Stick cards, up to 128MB in capacity. (For other Mavica models, the MSAC-FD2M/FD2MA "dummy floppy" Memory Stick adapter was needed.) The camera itself could serve as a Memory Stick card reader when connected via USB to a Windows computer.


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