Sony Mavica FD95

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The MVC-FD95 is a digital camera in the Mavica series from Sony, introduced in 2000. It was designed to store images on standard 3.5" computer floppy disks, although at the maximum resolution of 1200×1600 pixels only about four images would fit on a 1.4MB disk. Alternately, the "dummy floppy" MSAC-FD2M adapter for Sony's Memory Stick cards allowed extended capacity; although the manual only refers to 8 MB capacity cards, storing 20 full-resolution images. (In Sony's followup model the Mavica FD97, a Memory Stick slot was wisely included in the camera itself.)

The FD95 includes a 6–60 mm constant f/2.8 zoom, giving a 35mm equivalent range of 39–390 mm. (The prominent 20x badge on the lens barrel includes the use of "digital zoom," which degrades resolution.) In addition to this large lens, a hump on the top containing the electronic viewfinder contributes to the FD95's rather large and awkward styling, more reminiscent of a consumer camcorder.