Sony Mavica FD88

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The MVC-FD88 is a digital camera in the Mavica series from Sony, the highest-resolution and most expensive model introduced in 1999 alongside the FD73 and FD83. As with earlier digital Mavica models, 3.5" standard floppy disks were used for storage, simplifying the transfer of images to a computer, helping make this a popular line of digital cameras in its day.

The sensor resolution is 1280×960 pixels. When using the highest quality settings, a 1.4 MB floppy can store a maximum of six JPEG images. The 8x zoom lens (4.75–38 mm, f/2.8–3.0) gives a 35mm equivalent coverage of 41–328 mm. (The 16x badging includes "digital zoom," which degrades resolution.)

As with the original FD7, the FD88 offered four in-camera "picture effects," namely Sepia, B&W, color negative, and "solarize."