Sony Mavica CD200

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The MVC-CD200 followed the initial "CD-burner" model in the Sony Mavica line, the CD1000. The CD200 is nominally a "2.1 megapixel" model, although the maxiumum image size is 1600×1200 (1.9 MP), but it was introduced alongside the higher-resolution CD300. Both models share a 3x zoom range, but because of the different sensor the focal range of the CD200's Sony-branded lens is 6.1–18.3 mm at f/2.8–2.9, giving a 35mm equivalent range of 39–117 mm. (This shorter zoom range permits a much smaller and more manageable body design than the CD1000.)

Both models add the ability to use 8 cm CD-RW media, permitting images to be erased and entire discs to be reformatted. (CDs did need to be "finalized" before they became readable in standard computer drives.)


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