Soligor Reflex II (TLR)

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Alongside the budget Soligor Reflex, in 1955[1] Allied Impex also offered two more full-featured TLR models imported from Japan. Curiously these seem to have originated with a different manufacturer entirely, and have been attributed to Tōkyō Kōgaku.[2] Versions with stamped silver and molded black nameplates have been observed.

The Soligor Reflex II model features a 4-element lens; a split-image focusing aid in its viewfinder; and the moving lens standard which differentiates this from the non-II "Reflex" model. The Soligor Semi-Auto adds a self-timer and automatic frame spacing (albeit still with knob advance). These two models were priced at USD $47.95 and $59.95, which may have contributed to the $35 budget model apparently having sold much more.


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