Soligor Reflex (TLR)

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This page refers to the Soligor TLR with gear-coupled viewing and taking lenses. See Soligor Reflex II (TLR) for the front-panel focusing models.

The Soligor Reflex is a TLR for 120 film imported from Japan to to the US circa 1955.[1] McKeown's attributes it to Tokiwa Seiki.[2] It offers simplified, inexpensive construction through the use of "red window" frame counting; and gear-coupled viewing and taking lenses, rather than a moving lensboard. (This is reminiscent of some Ricohflex models.)

While featuring the usual viewfinder magnifier and open "sportsfinder" option, there are no frills such as a self-timer or a fresnel lens to brighten its ground glass image.

The price in 1956 was USD $34.95.[3]


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