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Small format means film formats for frame sizes ranging from 24x24mm of Rapid film to 40x40mm on 127 film, the latter can also be attributed as medium format, but 4x4cm slides can be displayed with small format projectors. The average small format frame size is that of type No. 135 film (35mm): 24x36mm

The original term for small format was miniature format. The cameras for smaller frame sizes are called subminiature cameras.

There are also 35mm cameras which belong to the subminiature category, i.e. the half-frame cameras which can shoot 72 24x18mm exposures on standard 36 exposure 35mm film cartridges. On the other hand the 4x4 cameras are sometimes categorized as medium format, thus being a category on the borderline between both categories. APS film standard was intended by the photo industry as replacement for the standard 35mm film but with frame size 30.2x16.7mm it's usually classified as subminiature film size.

Common term Category Frame size Film type Film width
4x6.5 or "Vest Pocket" medium format 40×65mm 127 film 46mm
4x4 or Superslide small format or medium format 40×40mm 127 film 46mm
4x3 small format 40×30mm 127 film 46mm
Bantam small format 28×40mm 828 film 35mm
Instamatic small format 28×28mm 126 film (Kodapak) 35mm
Sida film small format 25×25mm or 22×33mm Sida film 35mm
Bolta film small format 25×25mm (1"×1") Bolta film 35mm
35mm small format 24×36mm 135 film 35mm
SL System small format 24×36mm or 24×24mm SL film 35mm
Rapid film small format 24×24mm Rapid film 35mm
Penti subminiature 24×18mm SL film 35mm
half-frame subminiature 24×18mm 135 film 35mm
APS subminiature 16,7×30.2mm IX240 film 24mm