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Several cameras have been named Simplex:

  • the Ducati Simplex half-frame 35 mm camera
  • Several cameras by Ernemann, and later models by Zeiss Ikon:[1]
    • for 6.5x9 cm and 9x12 cm plates (Zeiss Ikon model 112/7)
    • for 6x9 cm on roll-film (model 511/2)
    • the Simplex-Ernoflex box-form SLR for 4.5x6 cm, 6.5x9 cm or 9x12 cm plates.[1]
  • McKeown lists the Ernemann folding plate cameras as also sold by Voigtländer.[2]
  • the Simplex Multi-Exposure camera for still photographs on 35 mm film, made by the Multi-Speed Shutter Company.
  • Simplex magazine plate cameras by Dr Krügener for 6x8 cm or 9x12 cm plates.
  • McKeown lists the Simplex Snapper, a simple camera for 126 cartridges.[3]


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