Shashin Salon

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Shashin Salon (寫眞サロン, 写真サロン, Shashin Saron) was a Japanese photography magazine. Its title means "photographic salon".


Kitahara Masao (北原正雄) had worked at Ars for Ars Camera before setting up the company Genkōsha (玄光社) to publish the monthly magazine Shashin Salon, whose first issue is dated January 1933. Thanks to the efforts of its managing editor Saitō Kōji (齋藤鵠児), the new magazine attracted many submissions from photographers living in the provinces, and thereby stimulated clubs and activities: Ueda Shōji (植田正治) is the best known of these photographers.

The last issue is dated December 1940; Shashin Salon was then merged within Shashin Bunka.


Shashin Salon came back as a quarterly, dated September 1951, edited by Suzuki Hachirō (鈴木八郎); from June 1952 it was again a monthly. From the January 1959 issue the format increased from B5 to A4, the first of a number of changes that were insufficient to prevent it from closing; its last issue is dated December 1961.


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