Sharpflex Model S

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The Sharpflex Model S is a 6x6 TLR, and has the same lens markings (SILVER ANASTIGMAT on the taking lens and SILVER VIEWER on the viewing lens), shutter and aesthetics as the Silverflex Model S (which was in turn a copy of the Ricohflex Model VI), and would therefore appear to be a rebranded Nippon Koki model, although it lacks any maker's marks and is not stamped with a country of manufacture.

The taking and viewing lenses are 80mm f/3.5s Anastigmat triplets with a nine-blade diaphragm (in the taking lens), and they are externally geared for focusing. The distance scale and depth-of-field indications are engraved on the upper lens. Close focus is 2 feet.

The NKS shutter has three blades and a limited range of speeds (B, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, and 1/200) plus flash synchronization. There is a separate shutter tensioning lever.

The viewing hood contains a large flip-up magnifying lens.

The film is advanced by a knob and controlled via a ruby window protected by a sliding cover. The film chamber detaches from the camera body, together with the spool holders, for film loading.