Selecta m

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The Selecta m is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera made by Agfa from 1962. It is based on an Iloca developmental camera, after Agfa took over remains from Iloca's bankruptcy in 1960. It has shutter-priority auto-exposure (or manual exposure), and electric motor film advance. In style, it closely resembles the Selecta, which is however a viewfinder camera. The Selecta m has a 45mm f/2.8 Color-Solinar-R lens and a Compur shutter with speeds 1/30 - 1/500 second, plus 'B'. The shutter-speed scale is on the bottom of the lens barrel. The shutter is synchronised for flash with a PC socket. There is a cable-release socket on the bottom of the front housing.

The lens focuses down to 1 metre. There is a central rangefinder spot in the viewfinder, and focusing scale on the lens (actual distances on the underside of the lens barrel, and zone symbols on the top).

The auto-exposure is dependent on a selenium meter cell. If there is sufficient light to take a picture, a green signal appears in the VF; if not, a red one. The film speed is set on the lens barrel; there are scales in ASA (12-1600) and in DIN (11-33). There is an aperture scale in the lens barrel; the set aperture appears a narrow window on the first ring of the barrel. To use auto-exposure, this must be set to 'A'.

The film-advance motor requires two AA batteries, fitted in the base. There is no manual advance control. Film rewind is manual, using a small folding crank on the base. This must first be engaged with a small catch next to it. The camera's frame counter counts downwards, and it is important to set the counter at the film's capacity after loading a new roll. The counter window is in front of the VF,in the bottom of its frame.

The camera back detaches completely for loading.