Seagull 203

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The Seagull 203 is a rangefinder camera for rollfilm. Its first version was the Shanghai 203 of 1963. Unlike its successor 203-I it doesn't have a flash hot shoe. But it has a coupled EV scale which was omitted at the 203-I.

Before loading a new film its exposure frame format can be changed from 6×6 cm to 4.5×6 cm and vice versa by means of hinged mask parts. The lens/shutter-unit is an old-style construction, with self-timer and all selection rings for exposure settings. Even the shutter has to be cocked with a lever on that unit. Only the shutter release button has "a modern position" on top of the camera. The rangefinder is coupled to the distance selection ring around the lens and superimposed to the optical viewfinder. Another modern feature is the film advance lever. The 203 has a double exposure prevention mechanism.

The most common cameras encountered on the Web are in English, but some are completely written in Chinese. Leather cases also may be written in Chinese.

This camera is certainly one of the simplest coupled rangefinder ever designed, very easy to fix.


  • Type: rangefinder folding camera
  • Manufacturer: Seagull, China
  • Year of launch: 1963, 1964 as Seagull 203
  • Film: roll film of type 120
  • Lens: S-111-2, 1:3.5/75mm
  • Viewfinder: optical viewfinder with superimposed coupled rangefinder
  • Shutter: leaf shutter with speeds 1 sec. to 1/300 sec and selftimer.
  • Aperture: 1:3.5 to 1:22
  • Weight : 685 gram