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Schlagheck Design, previously Schlagheck & Schultes, is a design firm, located in Munich, Germany. The firm has delivered designs for several classic cameras, among other products. Schlagheck Design traces its roots to 1967, when Norbert Schlagheck (later professor at Fachhochschule für Industrie Design in Munich) and Herbert H. Schultes left Siemens to found an independent studio. While at Siemens they had already worked with Agfa, due to cooperation between the companies at the time, and continued to design for Agfa after becoming independent[1]. The designs for Agfa provided a new and more modern direction for the camera-maker, with a signature being the the large red sensor shutter release. In 1985 Herbert H. Schultes left the company to become Chief designer at Siemens, taking several employees with him. Together with his sons Norbert Schlagheck founded Schlagheck Design GmbH in 1991.

Besides designs for original Agfa-cameras, the company provided re-designs of existing camera systems, including the Agfa Selectronic (Chinon) and Exakta 66 (Pentacon)

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