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Disambiguation Page

The name Ruby has been used for more than one camera:

  • The Mamiya 35 Ruby fixed-lens 35 mm rangefinder cameras from about 1960.
  • The Yamato Pax Ruby, also a fixed-lens 35 mm rangefinder.
  • The Prince Ruby, a name-variant of the 1960s Toyoca Ace subminiature camera.
  • The Fuyōdō Rubies folding plate cameras of the 1920s and '30s.
  • Ruby and variants of this name were used for several cameras by Thornton-Pickard

The name is probably best known from is repeated use by Thornton-Pickard. T-P's first Ruby is a folding stand camera, but 'Ruby' occurs in the names of several other cameras of different design, including the Ruby Reflex box-form SLR cameras. T-P also made a roller-blind shutter named Ruby, and some of the cameras probably owe the the name to their having been fitted with that shutter.