Rolleiflex 6008 integral

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The Rolleiflex 6008 integral is a SLR camera for 120 or 220 roll film, loaded in detachable backs. Backs are available for the 6x6cm or 4.5x6cm format. Digital backs like the Sinar eMotion can also be attached. Franke & Heidecke offered various accessories and a series of moderately fast lenses made by Schneider-Kreuznach and Zeiss, among them classics like Flektogon and Planar. The lenses contain fast linear motor-driven leaf shutters with speeds up to 1/500 or 1/1000 second, and linear motor-driven aperture to achieve quiet camera operation without shake caused by the system.

The camera has modes for aperture priority and shutter priority automatic exposure, a program mode, and manual exposure control, and a mode for TTL flash control.