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The name Rippa[1] appears on two different 35mm cameras made by Yamato in Tokyo in about 1960. One is a viewfinder camera identical to the Atlas 35 and Sears Tower 55 (McKeown lists it as this viewfinder model, with a photograph).[2] The other is a similarly-styled coupled rangefinder camera, identical to the Pal, Pax Ruby, Sunscope, Konair Ruby, or Rex Kaysons.

The rangefinder camera has a coated 45mm Colour Luna lens, which can be either an f/3.5 or an f/2.8, and a synchronised leaf shutter giving speeds from 1/10 to 1/300 second, plus 'B'; the viewfinder model has an f/3.5 lens, and its slowest shutter speed is 1/25 second. It has the film-type reminder dial not in the hub of the film advance lever, as pictured right, but in the top of a fatter rewind knob.


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