Ricoh YF-28

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The YF-28 is a fixed-focus point-and-shoot camera introduced by Japanese manufacturer Ricoh in 1997. A version with a databack was also available and it was sold as the YF-28 Date. As its name suggests, it has a wide 28mm focal length lens.

This camera has a very unique lens shield opening mechanism. By pressing the push button located besides the lens, a rectangular-shaped lens hood protrudes from the body, opening the shield protecting the lens. When the camera is not in use, the lens shield can be shut by pushing back the lens hood towards the body. The YF-28 has a successor model named YF-28 Super, but this unique mechanism was not inherited to it.

This camera and its autofocus variant were sold by some different names under some different brand names: they are the Impression Plus and the Imagination Plus (autofocus version) of Yashica (Kyocera), the 3000AF and the 3200AF of Polaroid, the Prestige 280S and the Prestige 280AS (autofocus version) of Halina (Haking), and the Dual Auto of Mirax[1].

Successor Model: YF-28 Super (fixed-focus) / AF-28 (autofocus)


  • Release Date: September 1997
  • Camera Type: 35mm film lens shutter camera
  • Lens: 28mm f/5.6
  • Focusing: fixed-focus
  • Shutter: mechanical, 1/125 sec. (fixed speed)
  • Exposure Control: fixed exposure[2]
  • Viewfinder: Albada-type viewfinder
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 100~1000 (DX-code system)[3]
  • Built-in Flash: auto-activating flash, no flash-off facility, day light flash button
  • Other Features: automatic film loading, automatic film advance, automatic film rewind with mid-roll rewind facility
  • Power Source: two AA-type batteries (alkaline/manganese)
  • Dimensions: 116.4 mm X 66 mm X 38.3 mm
  • Weight: 170 g (without batteries)


  1. The name Mirax is also used as the reflex housing made by Orion Seiki (Miranda)
  2. A particular aperture is selected according the film speed regardless of the light conditions
  3. ISO 200 films are rated as ISO 100, ISO 1000 films are rated as ISO 400


YF-28 on Ricoh Official Website Camera List (in Japanese)