Ricoh XR-S

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The XR-S is an SLR for 35mm film introduced c. 1981 and accepting K mount lenses. It is based on the XR7 model from Ricoh, but with the addition of solar cells mounted on the sides of the pentaprism housing. In brighter light conditions, the solar cells would send current to a special rechargeable "Battery S," which then powered the metering circuit. Ricoh claimed that battery life exceeding 5 years was possible with this system[1]. Failing this, a pair of standard 1.5-volt SR44/LR44 cells could be substituted, but the solar cells were disabled in this case.

A later model, the Ricoh XR Solar, is an unrelated camera manufactured by Cosina, which lacks autoexposure.


  1. As claimed in this 1982 advertisement; scan courtesy Nesster on Flickr.


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