Ricoh XR-P

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The XR-P Multi-Program is a full-featured SLR for 35mm film introduced by Ricoh in 1984. As the name implies, this model is able to use several modes of programmed autoexposure, although the body is only able to control the aperture of Ricoh's own P lenses (not other K mount lenses such as the Pentax "A" series). Aperture-priority autoexposure and manual metering are also possible.

The electronically-timed shutter offers a range from 1/2000 to 16 seconds in its autoexposure modes. The electronics require extra battery power in the form of two 3v lithium batteries (CR-1 /3N); or four 1.5v button batteries (LR44 or SR44).

Other features include a multiple-exposure lever, an AE lock, and a built-in intervalometer (which requires a motor winder to be attached).

Ricoh introduced a similar but somewhat simplified model in 1985 as the Ricoh KR-30SP (XR-20SP).


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