Ricoh Super Shot 2.4

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The Ricoh Super Shot 2.4 dates from 1966. It's a fairly large and heavy camera for a compact. It is not a true viewfinder, nor is it a true rangefinder. In the viewfinder the user sees a square, which varies in size while focusing. The idea behind this is that the head of the subject should be about the size of the square for a proper focus. This of course is not very acurate because children do have smaller heads, but there is also a viewfinder three-zone focus display, and a distance scale on the focusing ring.

Exposure can be set to shutter speed priority automatic, or manual control. A battery operated viewfinder light meter needle shows ideal aperture at a set shutter speed.

The camera has a Rikenon 40mm f/2.4 lens and shutterspeeds from 1/30 to 1/300 plus B (bulb). Film speed settings reach from ISO25 to ISO400.

The camera has a clockwork film transport. This and the shutter mechanism only works when a film is inside the camera. Extra options are a flash hot shoe, shutter lock and a self-timer.