Ricoh KR-10

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Note: the Ricoh KR-10M and KR-10 Super are different models

The KR-10 is an SLR for 35mm film made by Ricoh, beginning in 1980. In some markets it was designated Ricoh XR 1000 S. The KR-10SE is a minor variant, in silver and omitting the self-timer.

Like the KR-5, this model was an attempt to increase sales by cutting costs. Compared to the earlier XR-2, the KR-10 still offers aperture-priority autoexposure; but this is a simpler model, omitting the multiple-exposure control or the aperture-ring sighting window in the viewfinder. The result gained better acceptance outside Japan,[1] including in rebadged form as the Sears KSX.

To unlock the shutter, the film wind lever must be pulled outwards. The electronically-timed Copal shutter provides a wide range of speeds from 1/1000 second to 4 seconds plus B, with flash sync up to 1/125 sec. (In autoexposure mode, the shutter can stay open for up to 8 seconds). The shutter is dependent on power from two 1.5v LR44/SR44 batteries, without which only the mechanical speeds of "X" (1/90th second) and B may be used. A half-press on the shutter release is needed to activate the exposure indicator needle in the viewfinder.


  1. See a machine translation of the Ricoh history page in Japanese linked below.


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