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Rhamstine (often written "J. Thos. Rhamstine") was founded in Detroit 1921 by John Thomas Rhamstine (1892-1975). The company manufactured several products, mostly radio related, like rheostats and amplifiers. In 1931 Rhamstine manufactured presumably the world's first photoelectric light meter, a selenium meter called Electrophot DH, and continued making several other models before the Second World War. After the war John Rhamstine sold the company, and its name was changed to Adair-Rhamstine Company, that kept on manufacturing the model 14A until the beginning of 1950's. [1]


In chronological order:

  • Electrophot DH
  • Electrophot DHA
  • Electrophot M-S
  • Electrophot MSA
  • Electrophot MSB
  • Electrophot 10
  • Electrophot 12
  • Electrophot 14
  • Super Electrophot
  • Electrophot 18 (Distributed by Hornstein Photo Sales as 'RHS')
  • Electrophot 14A (Manufactured by Adair & Rhamstine)


  1. Based on article "J. Thos. Rhamstine and the First Electric Exposure Meter" by Richard W. Holzman in Photogram Newsletter, April-May 2008 published by The Michigan Photographic Historical Society