Kodak Retinette IIB

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The Retinette IIB (type 031) is a rigid-bodied 35mm viewfinder camera, made from 1958-1959 by Kodak AG in Germany. It has a built-in uncoupled selenium meter similar to the one on the Retina IIIC; it was the first Retinette model to have an exposure meter. The lens is a Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar 45mm f/2.8 in a Compur-Rapid shutter with speeds from 1-1/500 second, plus 'B'. The shutter has the Exposure Value system, whereby the shutter-speed and aperture controls are linked. The lens has a dynamic depth-of-field scale (the two red pointers, visible in the picture) coupled to the aperture control, also used on later rigid-bodied Retina models. The camera has a bright-line reverse-Galilean viewfinder, with parallax-correction marks. The film is advanced by a metal lever mounted underneath the camera. It has the same film counter as the IIc and IIIc, automatically resetting itself, as do those models. Approximately 40,000 of the camera were built.