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Reporter is understandably the name of many cameras, including a number sold through the Kaufhof department stores in Germany.

  • Apparatebau Reporter Max and Blitz Max (bakelite 6x6 cameras with twist-out lens barrel, for Kaufhof.)
  • Balda Reporter 144-X ("Instamatic"-styled camera for 126 cartridge film and magicubes; for Kaufhof?)
  • Bilora Reporter Max II (cast-metal viewfinder camera for 4x6 cm exposures on 127 film, for Kaufhof. Based on first Bilora Bella.)
  • Braun Reporter and Reporter Box (respectively, simple 6x6 and 6x9 box cameras, for Kaufhof. Based on Braun Imperial 6x6 and 6x9 versions.)
  • Foitzik Reporter (6x6 folding camera; with or without a rangefinder, based on the Mess-Foinix or Foinix Ori models, respectively. For Kaufhof.)
  • Franka Reporter (three versions; 35mm viewfinder camera with selenium meter cell, for Kaufhof.)
  • Gaumont Reporter (1920s strut-folding plate cameras.)
  • Gerlach Reporter 24x36mm (35mm viewfinder camera based on the Ideal Color 35, for Kaufhof.)
  • Gerlach Reporter 6x6 (120 film camera with tubular extending lens mount, based on the 6x6 Gerlach Ideal. For Kaufhof.)
  • GOMZ Reporter strut-folding press camera for 6.5x9cm plates (rather like the Paubel Makina)
  • Ica Reporter (c.1912 strut-folding plate camera)
  • Iloca Reporter (35mm viewfinder camera, several versions. For Kaufhof? Based on the Iloca Quick.)
  • Industria Scientifica Ottica Reporter (Trigger-wind 35mm coupled rangefinder from 1954; also sold as the Henso Reporter by Hensoldt)
  • Linden Reporter (6x6 format box camera with large brilliant finder.)
  • Montanus Reporter (35mm viewfinder camera, for Kaufhof)
  • Polaroid Reporter (a self-erecting, folding camera for type 80 or 100 instant film, from about 1977)
  • Regula Reporter (Boxy, c. 1968 camera for 126 film cartridges, based on the Regula Diplomat C. For Kaufhof.)
  • Regula Reporter (35mm viewfinder camera with uncoupled selenium light meter, based on the Regulette. For Kaufhof.)
  • Reporter Hi-Lite (German private label branding of the Cosina Hi-Lite)
  • Steiner Reporter (35mm viewfinder camera, similar to the Hunter 35. For Kaufhof.)
  • Vredeborch Reporter Junior II (a simple rigid-bodied 6x6 camera, based on the Felica.)
  • Wirgin Reporter (c.1935 compact viewfinder camera for 127 film, later known as the Gewirette.)
  • Wittnauer Reporter (a rebranded Gloriette B 35mm viewfinder camera from Braun.)