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Remington, or Remington Miniature Camera is a name appearing on multiple styles of bakelite camera models originating from Chicago, USA. Different faceplate styles are known, but the script font of the Remington name is consistent.

The Chicago camera industry had a bewildering practice of swapping around model and company names freely. The Remington brand seems significant, as it has been seen on cameras with the "teardrop" shape associated with Metropolitan Industries (for example the Clix De Luxe); a camera with the "Rollax" lens brand of Rolls Camera Mfg. Co.; and in some of the standard "minicam" styles known to be associated with Spartus/Falcon. This is a pretty clear hint that Metropolitan, Rolls, etc. were linked with, if not identical to, the Falcon/Spartus/Galter/Herold brand complex based at 711-715 West Lake St. in Chicago.

See The Chicago Cluster for more probably-related cameras and "companies"
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