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The Regula Sprint models were 35mm viewfinder cameras made at Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest by King KG, c.1962[1]. These were introduced and sold along side the Regula Sprinty series of cameras, and the differences between the two are mainly cosmetic. The main difference is the design of the front plate, on the Sprint it's one piece solid aluminium surrounding both the lens and viewfinder with more attractive styling. The first model Sprinty's had a separate lens surround and viewfinder surround made from brass and plastic respectively. The focus rings are also of a better design with a more solid feel and nicer to use, the Isco one in particular wasn't used on Sprinty models until several years later with the Sprinty C 300.

The Sprint and Sprintic were perhaps sold as a more upmarket version of the Sprinty or Sprinty B. Later model Sprintys incorporated all the features of the Sprint models suggesting it was phased out as the technology became cheaper to use in the Sprinty making the higher end models redundant.

Regula Sprint

It has a front focusing lens, with a weather symbol-marked aperture ring, which also controls the shutter speed.

Regula Sprintic

This is the same as the Sprint but with an uncoupled Bewi selenium light meter but into the top of the camera. There is a camera called the Sprintic C but this appears to be based on the Sprinty BC 300 rather than the Sprintic styling.

Regula Sprintomatic

This builds on the Sprintic but has a selenium light meter coupled to the exposure settings. A dial on the top of the camera has a needle and a red dot, you turn the exposure settings until the needle lines up with the red dot on dial, this tells you if you have the right exposure.

Regula Sprintomatic S

It's unclear as to what distinguishes this from the Sprintomatic, more information is needed.


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