Regula Insta-King

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The Regula Insta-King was a 126 film viewfinder camera made by King KG in the 1970's. There are three known models the Insta-King 124, Automatic and Electric Eye (EE).

It's a very basic camera made mostly of plastic with a fixed focus single element meniscus lens. The viewfinder is just a basic see through one with no magnification. The camera uses flashcubes for flash, and they are powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries in the bottom of the camera.

There are also electronic models that have automatic shutter speeds (15 seconds to 1/300th sec) and multiple apertures, but the most basic model the Insta-King 124 only has a single shutter speed and aperture.

Specifications for the Insta-King 124

  • Lens: Isco Optik - Single element meniscus lens fixed focus; Focal length is about 45mm.
  • Aperture: Single aperture, between f/11 and f/16.
  • Depth of Focus: 3.5ft to infinity
  • Shutter: Single speed, probably in the 1/30-50th range
  • Self timer: No
  • Flash: Flashcube socket on the top of the camera
  • Strap lugs: Single lug, meant to for use with wrist strap, can use split rings
  • Size: 111mm x 68mm x 55mm (W*H*D)
  • Weight: 157g

images by Morinaka. (Image rights)