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Reform-Clack cameras are a range of double-extension folding plate cameras made by Rietzschel from about 1907 until the mid-'20s.[1] They are all vertically oriented (some of the 'Clack' types, such as the Heli-Clack include horizontal cameras), and were made in 6.5×9, 9×12, 10×15 (discontinued later) and 13×18 cm sizes.[1] As often with folding cameras, a very wide range of lenses was offered, all Rietzschel's own, and including the Linear in various maximum apertures. The shutter on early cameras is a Pronto or Compound; later ones have a Pronto, Ibso or Compur shutter. The double-extension bellows would allow the camera to be used with only one half of the (symmetrical and convertible) lens fitted (giving double the focal length); one of the cameras illustrated in McKeown has an ivory plate on the bed with an infinity-focus marker for such use.

The cameras have front rise, fall and shift. There is a brilliant finder with a spirit level attached.


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