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The Rathenower Optische Werke m.b.H (ROW)[1] were a post-Word War II merger of two optical companies resident in Rathenow (Brandenburg, Germany) such as Emil Busch, and Nitsche and Günther.[2] In 1948 ROW was reconstituted as VEB Rathenower Optische Werke[3], a state-owned company created and operated during the time of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Another optics manufacturer of Rathenow, Laack Söhne, was added to ROW at the same time.[4] In 1966 ROW was joined into the Kombinat VEB Carl Zeiss Jena. After the end of the GDR the Rathenower Optische Werke, as any other GDR entities, were sold converted into smaller companies with less-viable elements shut down and other elements restructured into new companies.[5]



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