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Rada made rollfilm holders (film backs) fitted with a dark slide, designed as adapters to use 120/620 rollfilm usually with 9x12 or 6.5x9 plate cameras[1], resulting in a 6x9 image (or smaller with mask inserts for 6x6 and 6x4.5 formats). Some versions had automatic counters for one target format, or a single red window. The most common multi-format holders use dual red windows and insertable format masks (the latter frequently missing from holders bought used). The left window is for use with the 6x6 mask; the right window for 6x9, counting only the odd numbers on the film's paper backing, or all numbers with the 6x4.5 mask. Manufactured in the 1920s to 1960s (perhaps into the 1970s) by the German manufacturer Rada, a Plaubel subsidiary. A major competitor in the early days was the Rollex rollfilm back.


According to a Rada brochure, rollfilm backs were manufactured for more than 30 different flangetypes (falzarten). These include:


  1. Rada holders were made for just about every variety and size of German sheet metal plate/film holder back. Most frequently encountered are 6.5x9 and 9x12cm Normalfalz and Normaldoppelfalz types, but there were half dozen cross-brand standards for the holder attachment, plus about ten more brand specific ones, and sizes up to 10x15 and 13x18cm. A illustrated list of the various "Falz" types would be desirable.