Prinz 35-E

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The Prinz 35-E is a compact rangefinder camera for 35mm film. With a design based on the Konica 35, it was most likely built for Dixons by Cosina in the mid-1970s, since the lens is marked Cosinon and the body Made in Japan. It has programmed auto-exposure using a CdS meter, with a needle display of the shutter speed & aperture in the viewfinder, powered by a PX-675 mercury battery in the base.


  • Lens: Automatic Cosinon 38mm, f/2.7 (thought to be of the Tessar variety, with four elements in 3 groups).
  • Closest focus: 1m (3.3 feet).
  • Rangefinder baseline 12mm.
  • Copal shutter, two blades.
  • Auto-exposure from 1/30s at f/2.7 to 1/650s at f/16. B setting also available, but only at maximum aperture. Exposure lock occurs with half-press of shutter release button, so spot metering can be done before reframing.
  • Hot shoe and PC-sync slot for external flash. Flashmatic Guide numbers are set on the lens barrel. Flash sync at 1/25s.
  • Self-timer.
  • Film advance: Manual via lever.
  • Film speed: Manual setting of ASA/ISO from 25-400.
  • 46mm filter thread (0.75mm pitch).
  • Power: 1.3V PX-675 cell. (An 1.5V SR44 is an acceptable replacement).
  • Dimensions: 110×70×54mm.
  • Weight: 370g.