Praktica MTL 5 B

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The Praktica MTL 5 B is a 35mm SLR made in Dresden, East Germany by Pentacon between 1985 & 1989. About 567,000 examples were produced.[1] It is a minor upgrade from the Praktica MTL 5. It has TTL exposure metering, triggered by a stop down button next to the front-mounted shutter release. A match-needle display on the right side of the viewfinder indicates whether the chosen combination of shutter speed and aperture will lead to under-, over-, or correct exposure. The meter is powered by a battery fitted in the base. On early models a PX25 mercury battery was required; later models used the LR44 alkaline. Batteries are not required if metering is not used. The film speed is set by lifting and rotating the shutter speed dial. The metal-curtained focal plane shutter runs vertically at speeds from 1s to 1/1000s, plus B (bulb) for long exposures. There is a self-timer. The shutter is synchronised for flash at 1/125 second. Interchangeable lenses have the M42 screw mount, with the Meyer-designed Pentacon auto 1.8/50mm[2] multi-coated lens being most commonly found. The viewfinder has a split-prism/microprism focusing aid with a diagonal split.

The MTL 5 B was also sold by Foto-Quelle as the Revue ML.


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