Praktica B 100

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Automatic aperture priority single lens reflex for 35mm film with open aperture TTL metering.

Specifications, taken from original Praktica B100 manual:

  • stepless shutter between 1 sec and 1/1000 sec
  • selected speed shown in viewfinder by needle
  • set aperture in viewfinder
  • manual exposure correction of +/- 2 EV
  • Fresnel focussing screen with triple wedge, microprism ring and ground glas ring
  • 95% viewfinder coverage
  • 1/90 flash sync, this is also mechanical speed for use without battery
  • 8 sec self timer
  • connection for motor winder
  • memory film holder at back
  • battery control in viewfinder
  • 6v PX28 (4LR44) battery powered
  • CDS light metering cell
  • metering range 1 - 19 EV
  • dimensions: 138x87x49 mm
  • weight: 530gr. (body only)