Porst Pocketpak 1000

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The Porst Pocketpak 1000 is a viewfinder pocket camera for type 110 film. It was distributed by German distributor Porst. It was produced from 1975 to 1978. It is a simple single speed fixed-focus viewfinder camera made of black plastic, but it has a hot shoe and a nice looking polished metal front plate. The camera back can be opened as shifting door for loading and unloading the film cartridge. The only other controls are the the narrow film advance thumb-wheel below the camera type name, and the green shutter release button which is locked after exposure until the next advancement. There's no hint where this camera has been produced.

For using flash cubes the flash post can be shifted into the hot shoe. The batteries in the post are needed to fire the flash. The camera itself needs no battery.