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The Reporter is a Polaroid self-erecting folding camera for type 80 or 100 instant film. It was made for a few years, from 1977.[1] It is similar to the EE100 of the same time.

It has a 114 mm f/9.2 Polatriplet three-element lens, with front-element scale focusing. This is normally used at f/9.2 for ISO 75 film, and at f/58 for ISO 3000 film. Unlike the EE100, the Reporter also has a '3000 ER' setting in which the lens is kept at full aperture with ISO 3000 film.[1]

The shutter speed is automatically controlled, in the range 1/500 - 10 seconds. There is a tripod bush, and a threaded socket for a cable release for use in low light.

The camera has a socket for flashcubes on the left side, and a diffuser which swivels up min front of the cube when the camera is opened. Two distance ranges for flash are marked alongside the focus scale of the lens, presumably for normal and high-power cubes.

There was a 'special edition' model, The Reporter SE. This has few extra features, however. Whereas the standard Reporter has the strap threaded through slots in the top of the body, the SE has moulded strap-lugs on the top, and was supplied with a wide strap with metal fittings, on which is mounted a development timer. Also, the text on the front plate of the SE is white instead of orange, apart from the 'SE', which is turquoise, as is the release button.