Polaroid Square Shooter

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Originally produced between 1971 and 1972 the Square Shooter is a rigid plastic-bodied, Packfilm Type 80 instant camera. On the back is the marking, "Uses only Type 88 film." Although similar to the Colorpack II the Square Shooter was considered more advanced and that was reflected in the retail price of $34.95 USD as opposed to the Colorpack II retail price of $29.95 USD.

The Square Shooter features

  • A built-in socket for Hi-Power flashcubes, a "Focused Flash" system.
  • Exposure system designed only for 75 Film speed films.
  • Front-cell focusing lens with distance scaling marked on the lens ring.
  • "Everset" shutter that did not need recocking.

It lacks the built-in development timer, on the right of the body of some models (e.g Colorpack III).